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Bolt Ventures is a seed and early-stage investment company based in Luxembourg with operating offices in Sao Paulo and Zurich. Founded by European and Brazilian entrepreneurs and investment specialists from several countries, the team has extensive knowledge of building and mentoring start-up businesses as we as in seed and angel investments, having managed Mountain do Brasil Investments SCA for the last 2 years out of  São Paulo. 



Our belief is that Brazil has an abundance of opportunities, however there is a gap in executional experience. We believe that capital alone will not build successful businesses. This is why we work side by side with our entrepreneurs in growing their businesses by leveraging our experience, network and funding capabilities.  We focus on high-growth internet businesses with focus on niche e-commerce, mobile only, education, marketplaces and subscription-based models. We look for real market innovation and promote know how & technology transfer of international high growth start ups. 


Most importantly we invest in people!



Most foreign VCs do not fully understand how to operate in Brazil, in administrative and social terms. We have firsthand experience and the proven ability to make sound investments in Brazil. Our founding partners have two years of hands on local operational experience, having managed Mountain do Brasil SCA out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nicolas Gautier
Nicolas Gautier
Founding Partner

                                                                                            Nicolas is a Swiss / French serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a global background. He has extensive experience in founding, scaling, investing in and mentoring early stage businesses. Nicolas is a hands on entrepreneur and a passionate investor.


Nicolas Gautier
Cyrill Wiget
Founding Partner

                                                                                            Cyrill is a Swiss/Brazilian investment specialist with a key focus on Brazil. For the past 16 years he has held several leading management positions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Geneva and Zurich in the financial industry for a global Swiss top-tier bank. Cyrill has extensive experience in investment management, financial markets and capital raising through is broad network among strategic investors.



Jánamesa is Brazil's premium food delivery platform. Operating out of São Paulo and based on the German market leader's platform, it is set to redefine the way Brazilians order food to their house and to their workplace. 

Jánamesa was sold in August 2013 to Hellofood Brasil.



Brazil's premiere industry blog focuses on the entire local web, tech and startup sector as well as related areas (incubators, venture capital, government)  in Brazil.





OndaLocal is a marketing and lead-gen business helping traditional Brazilian SME's to access the full potential of their online customers.

OndaLocal's mission is to provide Brazilian small and medium sized businesses with new clients through the creation and management of a complete online presence. The results are immediate and superior to those obtained through traditional marketing channels and can surpass 20x return-on-investment. The Company's clients can count on their dedicated internet marketing consultants as well as an expert production team powered by OndaLocal's technological platform, enabling great scalability in operations.


Veduca is democratising top-quality education in Brazil via video-lectures from world-class universities.

Founded in September 2011, Veduca is on-air since March 2012. The service has already +5,300 video-classes from 15 universities, 11 from the US, 1 from Australia, and 3 from Brazil (USP, Unesp and Unicamp). The website achieved more than one million visits with zero investment in advertising, after 7 months on-air.



Globo: Brazil follows global trend of democratizing knowledge April 16, 2014

The internet is a great facilitator for many aspects of contemporary life, and one of its main advantages is the democratization of knowledge. The university distance learning courses already account for over 15% of total enrollment in higher education in Brazil. The most current trend, however, is the availability of content absolutely for free.

UOL Educação: Statistics course at USP is the most viewed on free platform of distance education April 14, 2014

The online course on probability and statistics administered by USP (University of São Paulo) was the most watched in Veduca portal. The platform Veduca provides free academic courses since June of the last year and currently offers 289 courses in 21 areas of knowledge.

Galileu: Moocs to do right now March 19, 2014

Galileo has selected some online open courses with amazing subjects offered by prestigious universities and cited Veduca with its courses of Ethics, Electromagnetism, Bioenergetics, Probability and Statistics and MBA for Engineering and Innovation.

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