G1: Lack of experience can stop entrepreneurs from getting an investment, says incubator

Despite the large number of ideas to create a startup company, only a few got enough attributes to overcome its limitations and  enchant investor to raise the capital it need to succeed. A survey conducted by the incubator Mountain do Brazil showed that from 305 Brazilian startups evaluated in 2012, only three received funds, 1% of the total.

The few startups were Veduca (portal that brings together subtitled video lessons from universities around the world), Janamesa (site and app fro food delivery) and Onda Local (advertising service for small and medium enterprises).

More than half of the startups (172) were rejected right away and 91 were instructed to review their projects. Other 42, 14% of the total, were called to a meeting.

"The investment in Brazilian startups is reduced due to features that limit the viability of the business," said Nicolas Gautier, director of the Mountain, in Brazil for a year.

Gautier says that the entrepreneurs tend to behave more like employees and not as a company. The unpreparedness and inexperience of the company team tends to leave the investor afraid.

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